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We are an agency of professional liaisons representing the cycling industry’s best manufacturers and define our Modern Sport Method with consistent communication and strategic business planning to maximize the success of the companies we represent and customers we support.
We are an agency of professional liaisons representing the cycling industry’s best manufacturers and define our Modern Sport Method with consistent communication and strategic business planning to maximize the success of the companies we represent and customers we support.

Brands We Represent

A collective of cycling sales agents, dedicated to serving the pacific northwest cycling industry. We live and ride the roads and trails of our clients and work hard to bring fresh ideas and modern solutions to the challenges of retail, manufacturing and distribution of cycling products.

This is our modern sport method,

meet the team.


Alex GardnerPrincipal

Alex has been in the bicycle industry for more than a quarter century, starting in retail at George’s Cycles in his hometown of Boise Idaho, then moving into manufacturing, a stint wholesaling at a small distributor warehouse, apparel product management, and the lucky break to try his hand as a sales rep. Mixed in between all the work was plenty of play early on, racing mountain and road bikes around the country, trying to make it on the pro circuit. Racing took the lead for 4 of those years, as a professional, and taught him a lot about perseverance and smaller riders are way faster.

This last move, in 2004, and current profession, have brought immense learnings about yet another side of the bicycle industry for Alex. He is driven by a deep passion to make our industry stronger and more sustainable, through both sales and advocacy. Enter, MODUS Sport Group.

When not riding on 2 wheels, Alex is chasing snow, hiking or riding, now biking, if its white cold and fluffy, there is always some good times to be had sliding around. Rumor has it he’s also a fan of ketchup, good whiskey and doughnuts (though we are not sure if those go together).


Mercedes Quinn-BlairOpperations | Remote Territories AK, HI, MT

Mercedes has been riding bikes—in her words—since the sun was created. She may pretend to be old, but she’s one of the most youthful people you’ll ever meet. Since she started bike touring in 1996, she’s managed to pedal over 11,000 self supported miles including a coast-to-coast traverse of the USA, and an ambitious expedition from the tippy top of Alaska to the bottom of California.

In 2006, after more than a decade working in corporate management, she took the plunge into the bike industry as a Sales Rep for MODUS Sport Group. Mercedes considers herself a mountain biker and is happy pedaling a road bike and always smiling on her klunker riding around Fremont. She’s raced XC regionally and nationally, and enjoys a long DH run or good Enduro as much as the next superhero; she also has a special fondness for 100-mile and 24-hour MTB races (we think she’s nuts but we love her anyway).

When she’s not tearing it up on the trail or spreading the good word at bike shops, she’s likely to be found chilling on a beach somewhere in Hawaii (and who can blame her!). Her ‘healthy’ addiction to bags, jackets and shoes means that if you’re curious how a product works, there’s a good chance she’s already abused one.


THOMAS J. MAGRATHTechnology and Marketing

Tommy has been in the bicycle industry for 15yrs, racing his bike in a semi serious way for 20 yrs. His Mother and Stepfather got him started at an early age, 6yrs old dragging him to races every weekend. Tommy’s childhood consisted of NORBA nationals and the local WIM Series all summer and MOAB bike trips in the winter. A dreamy childhood for any bike kid

At 15 he started working at Vertical Earth in Coeur D’Alene, ID. Tommy worked off and on there through his racing career, little money and some podium appearances developed into a love of the industry and the discovery that he had an immense talent for tuning and fixing bikes. For that Tommy says he owes racing everything. He loves to tinker and play with bikes, new technology drives him, always chasing to have it first.

In 2012 Tommy married Karina and in June of 2014 they had a daughter, Remington Rose Magrath. When not turning wrenches or behind the handlebars, he is with Karina, playing with and being fascinated by Remi. They can’t wait to get her out to the bike races, campsites, and trails in the NW that we all love so much.


NICK GIBSONSales Manager

Nick started riding bikes, like most of us, at an early age in Minnesota. BMX, half pipes, dirt jumps and of course the occasional lakeside dock jump. In the 80’s he got his first road bike, a Nishiki, caught up in the excitement of the LeMond era of dominance, Nick was hooked on cycling and graduated to Mountain bikes in the late 90’s. That evolved into racing cross country, cyclocross, Super D and now Enduro. The proud owner of a professional cycling license for the last 4 years, (claims all he had to do was fill out the paperwork…) Nick has traveled the world competing in some of the most demanding and entertaining races on the planet. From Megavalanch and Trans-Provence in France, to the Red Bull 5000 Down and 2014 World Enduro Series race, both in Whistler BC, Nick’s abilities on a bike are unquestionable. After graduating college and working at retail, in 2005 he started at Litespeed Bicyles in Chattanooga Tennessee, where he met Alex. A couple years later he moved to his current home of Portland, OR, all the while working in the industry and gaining invaluable experience. In 2007 Nick joined MODUS Sport Group.

Nick enjoys life in the Northwest and is married to Jessi Adele and is proud to say they have a baby girl on the way! 2 dogs, Jim, a chihuahua and Chandler, a massive bear like malamute mix and Edi the cat, make for a full family household in NE Portland. Nick enjoys traveling the world on 2 wheels, spending quality time with his family and friends, he has a fetish for axes, chainsaws, fire and plans to work hard in this fine industry as long as he can.


Dean TracySales Oregon, Southern Idaho

A very young Dean Tracy once asked for a video game system for his birthday, and instead his parents bought him a shiny new bike. He still tries to remember to thank them at every birthday. Dean has used bicycles as a tool to extend his youth, travel the world, compete at the highest level, challenge his personal limits and meet amazing people. He lives in Portland but is not a vegan, doesn’t like Voodoo Doughnuts and cannot grow a beard. He likes to pretend he rides his motorcycle like Valentino Rossi, but that’s ridiculous.

Dean has been a part of this bicycle world since that birthday gift, 17 years in the industry in fact, starting at the Bike Gallery in Portland at 16 ,then moving and racing around the country until we found him at Chris King in 2013 and are very happy to have him as part of this crew.


Peter LucasShimano Tech Northern California Northern Nevada

At 25 years old in 2015, Peter has been in the bike industry for more than a third of his life, 9 years. Starting at his local bike shop wrenching and obsessing over how things work, he has become a professional mechanic and passionate rider for all styles of pedaling. You can find him leading the local crit or crushing an enduro or downhill track. Look for Peter in southern regions of our territory in a big blue van, smiling, riding, enjoying his favorite french toast, bacon and homemade smoothie and sharing his premier technical knowledge of all things Shimano.


Matt WittlerSales Northern California, Northern Nevada

Cycling for Matt started with a mountain bike ride after baseball practice one day in middle school. It soon developed into a full time obsession. Nor Cal High School League was still in it’s infancy; after 4 years of racing, multiple state championships, and developing a huge network of friends it was clear that the cycling industry was an inevitable destination. Though goals have shifted from being the fastest from A to B on a race course, the thrill of pumping through a rock garden, or sending that hit on Red Beard remains strong as ever. Life after full time racing and 2 degrees in college, Matt is now traveling in the MODUS Sport Group circus, selling and riding with Northern California’s best bike shops and answers to Wild Cat. This cat prefers his milk cold, bottled and organic.


MARK HUBBELLSales California Bay Area

Mark is a veteran of the bike industry with over 35 years under his belt. He started in retail in the late ’70s and early ’80s, moving on over the years to work for Specialized, Blackburn/Bell Sports, Schwinn, and his own company, Headland Bicycle Accessories. Mark has been repping since 2002 and enjoys helping his customers improve their knowledge, skill and profitability as retailers. He covers the SF Bay Area north to Novato and south to Atascadero and parts of the central Valley including Fresno and Visalia.

You might say Mark is a part of Mountain Bike history. He rode the Rockhopper Race in ’83 and ’84—and in fact is still hanging onto his first mountain bike, a 1982 Ritchey. His favorite trails include Demo, Nisene and UCSC in Santa Cruz, and Annadel in Santa Rosa. Cyclocross is a more recent passion – racing in the old guys class on some great bay area courses – his favorite is the Coyote Point course which is part of the Bay Area Super Prestige Series.

True to the Bay Area ethos, he’s intent on minimizing his impact on the planet with the help of solar panels, rain barrels, worm compost, a garden (can you say ‘victory’) and a xeriscape yard. Mark and his wife of 30 years, Carol, are the proud parents of two mid-twenties sons, two cats and two chickens. With musical tastes ranging from Zappa to Beethoven, he’s sure to find those chickens’ heads bobbing from time to time.

customers we support

MODUS Sport Group represents our manufacturers to bicycle retailers in the Great Pacific Northwest, from Alaska down and over to Montana, across to the bay area of California and out to the tropical Paradise of Hawaii, see map. This diverse territory and customer base has taught us a lot about retail over the years and we enjoy the opportunity to share and help drive our customers business with our best in class products and services.

Our services go beyond the sell in, we are committed to help with the sell through also. We can help merchandise your store when new products arrive, coordinate selection and implementation of point of purchase displays, create sales contests and participate in consumer events and of course demo rides with your employees and customers, our favorite.

Let us know how we can help, we have a deep knowledge base and are always eager to learn

In the Field

Come see us in the NW as we travel this great territory. From demo rides with our retailers, trail work parties and races, we are outside as much as possible and welcome all that want to play.


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